Resnova is the global partner of main truck and agricultural machine OEMs and OESs and is the
supplier of the first filling for their production lines.
Partnering with the main oil companies in the world Resnova is present with a wide
spread network in many countries.
With its global presence Resnova is able to supply any customer around the world with celerity,
always guarantees the high product quality standards.

Meeting new emission standards faster with AdBlue® by BASF
The new emission regulation for diesel engines, both for mobile and stationary applications,
have been in force in Europe since 2006 with Euro 4, Euro 5 and recently Euro 6 exhaust gas
standards respectively.

Emission regulation is rapidly expanding worldwide and by 2020 most likely it will become compulsory
globally except a few countries. Today all truck and agricultural machine
manufacturers produce engines respecting the emission limit thanks
to the innovative SCR after treatment technology in combination with the AdBlue®
reducing agent.

Also Euro 6 car engines require AdBlue® in order to comply with the regulation.